Questions Within the Context

As a therapist, do you ever get stuck in a conversation with your client? Do you sometimes find it difficult to ask the right questions? I came up with something for that: the fan with contextual questions. A handy tool for in your bag or on the road!

The deeper level

While working with diverse people in my profession, I have noticed how important ‘connecting’  questions are. By asking such questions, you are able to connect with the clients on a deeper level. This deeper level forms the basis for their behavior. Changes that occur at this level during therapy, are more often lasting.

This question fan can motivate therapists to ask connecting questions. While I would recommend the Contextual Therapist Course to everyone, I realize that for many this will be too time consuming. Considering this I developed this compact tool, that fits in the bag of every social worker. Contextual concepts are explained, followed by questions that will help the therapist gain insights about the generational context in which the client has developed.

How does it work?

These questions encourage the client to dig deeper, and thus initiate a healing process. The questions themselves already acknowledge the giving and receiving of justice in the generational context. By thinking about these questions, the client will have an increasing desire to start an important conversation with significant others.

Although asking good questions is necessary, the therapist’s attitude is just as important. Becoming involved and giving undivided attention will help to create a relationship built on trust. When using this tool it is very important for the therapist to exercise multidirectional partiality (consideration for each affected party). When the therapist has this attitude, he will discover not only what the client needs to experience trust, but also what every other member of the system needs.

Valuable tool

Well-chosen questions will encourage personal reflection. Periods of silence can be helpful to process a question and will give the therapist an opportunity to think about what to say next. 

In this fan I focus primarily on situations within the generational context.

I hope you will find this fan helpful when providing therapy.

I would like to help you!

Do you have questions about the Fan? I would be happy to help you! Send me a message via this contact form and I will get back to you within 24 hours. You can also contact us via

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